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Life is happening faster.
Huge shifts are the norm.

We're all demanding more quality, transparency, innovation, well-being, and fun. For less time, energy, and money.

Old systems are shattering and new ones have yet to be created.

We have to change the game. Create with passion. Take a Leap!

We owe it to the future.

welcome to

play big, inc!

(Yep, Purple Telescope is now playing bigger as Play Big, Inc.)

Why We Do It

Alpha Experts + Ideas

The Future of...

While most of our work is focused on the specific needs of our clients, we certainly have a strong point of view on where key categories and issues are heading. As such, we’ve been immersing ourselves in conferences from coast to coast, including:  TEDxAustin, TEDActive, SXSWi, LOHAS, The Economist | World Festival, Share.Like.Buy., and more! 

It’s thrilling (and humbling) to be in conversation with such inspired thinkers. Collecting many of these ideas in one place, we share those that have captured our attention and really shifted our thinking. Together, they provide a fascinating view of where things are headed. If you haven’t read it yet, please download our “Glossary of the Future” above and let us know your thoughts – as always, we love to hear them.

Throughout the year, we'll be teaming with category experts to create synthesized snapshots on the future of food, beauty, work, culture, luxury and more! If you want to receive these as they are ready, be sure to “Jump In” and sign up above.

Check out our “Purple Telescope” archives below:

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Glossary of the Future

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